I am in a dilemma. I cannot decide under what category should I list blog and here is why…

I am going to start off exactly where I left off in my last blog.

By the time we started off from Bhavli Waterfalls, we had empty growling stomachs, needed some heat (cause of the chill from the continuous rains) and lots of food. Even though we had a good breakfast that morning, we had been riding for quite some time and hadn’t munched on anything.

With all the rains and constantly riding in that condition, all that we were craving for was some simmering chai and some piping vada pav- #mumbaikars bro!
Unfortunately, we couldn’t find chai and vada pav and had to start our journey back towards Mumbai.

Next Stop: Lunch!
Our ride continued from Bhavli falls, through Kasara Ghat and decided to halt at dhaba called Dreamline Hotel, just ahead of the Kasara Ghats. TBH, I wasn’t expecting much from the place. The hotel looked better than most dhabas on the route and most importantly, it served non-vegetarian food (also the only reason we decided to stop there). We ordered a dish called “Chicken Toofani” and some rotis.

I couldn’t believe what happened next. The Chicken Toofani was brought to us on a sizzler plate, ON A SIZZLER PLATE!
Mind you, this was a roadside dhaba and probably the last place one would expect a dish to be presented in that fashion. Not only was the food presented well, it was yummilicious! YES, so good, that I had to merge the words yummy and delicious.

Lunch done, bags mounted, helmets on…Time to head home.

There we were, drenched in the rains, riding on the pothole-covered highway dodging the cars and trucks, when a co-rider spotted something. We spotted a bike! Not just any bike, our neighbor’s bike!
The very same bike that was stolen at least 3 days before. Now this was a shocker, it is not every day you come across a bike that has been stolen, guess he was just lucky.

Since there was a police station just around the corner, we decided to immediately get their help (ofcourse, after confirming it was the bike and getting other important details)

What happened next was a series of things that changed my perspective towards Maharashtra Police. Here is how it all went down (in a mix of Hindi and Marathi):
Me: Sir, 3 days back a bike was stolen from our area in Bhayandar and it is parked just 2 mind away from here.
Cop1: (Asking all the questions) How did you see it? Do you have an FIR? Are you sure it is your bike?
Cop2: (to Cop1) Stop asking all these questions, let’s get to the location and do all the questioning there instead of wasting time here.

This attitude by Cop2, to get resolution without wasting time, made me respect him. Now I know, that it was his job, but it was also the job of Cop1 to get clarity and ask questions about the situation, but what impressed me was the approach by the Cop1 to address the situation.

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