It has been a while since I have been to this part of the web, partly because I have been busy building my wardrobe and partly because I have been lazy! I have some new stuff to show you now.

Well time flies and it has been a year since I have written a blog, so I guess it’s time for one and I am hoping I do this more often!

Let me start with what I have bought over a period of time and added to my collection in terms of footwear:

  1. Adidas Superstars – White
    I was really longing to get myself a pair of these and after a long long wait; I finally bought meself a pair and I have been over the moon ever since I have broken into these bad boys. They are pretty cool to wear along on a sunny day with a good pair of fit jeans or chinos and light colored tee.
    Adidas SuperstarsAdidas Superstars in Hand
  2. All Star Converse in Beige
    I actually walked into the Converse store to buy the White Reflective Camo Chuck IIs, but since they were a little (read “very”) pricey, I decided to settle for these, as I had noticed them worn by Eugene ‘Arseface’ Root in the Preacher series.
  3. Oxdans Black Slip-in Shoes
    I have a thing for slip-in shoes and I have had all those everyone talks about; the Classic Vans Black, the Chequered Combos but this time around, I decided to go with something that is a little diffrent. It still is black and makes a statement. These are really comfy and snugly fit to the feet. The perforated material is soft and snuggly fits the feet.
  4. Saliciano Dress Shoes (Double Monk Straps) – Brown
    These shoes are by-far the most expensive pair of footwear I have owned. All thanks to my sister, Carol D’Souza for sponsoring the pair. They are very plush and are an utter luxury. They are a feast to both watch and wear

All the pics shot on Canon 1200D.

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