dominar 400 scenic

Date: 28 October 2018

It had been long since I had a chance to take on the open roads (all thanks to college on Sunday mornings!), and this seemed like the right opportunity to do just that.

Lefus and I made up plans to hit the open roads as early as 5 am, for two reasons – 1. So that we had the highway to ourselves when the sun rose from behind the hills, and 2. So that we don’t have to face the wrath of the burning heat when we are returning. But, nature has its own course and I have my sleep to blame.

While Lefus was up and ready at 5.00 am, he managed to wake me up at 5.15 am through and phone call. It took me not more than 30 min to wake you, get fresh, gear up and head to the bike to strap the bag down to the back seat.

All said and done, we left from Bhayandar at 5.45 am and head straight to the fuel station first.

Geared up, Bags strapped and Tank full, we headed straight to the highway.

Stop #1: Somewhere in the Middle of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway

The sun had risen and we had a good scenic background for some quick images on the highway.

Here are some shots we got on the highway.

Dominar 400 Silhouette

After we got these shots, we realized that we had missed the turn we had to take to reach Kelva beach. This meant, finding a place on the highway to take a U-turn or a service road to take an underpass to the other side of the road.

Soon we came across a small ghat section after we got off of the highway. The beautiful twists and switchbacks made me fall in love with the roads. Although there were a few patches of road that were washed away probably due to the rain, it made me want to keep riding on the road, but soon the road ended. From a mountainous road, we had come to a road that ran through empty farmlands for as far as the eyes could see east and west.

All we had, were some dogs walking by the side of the road and the thump of the bikes.

Stop #2: Somewhere in the middle of the Highway and Kelwa Beach

Once we crossed the open land, we came across this scenic bridge that ran over a small river. When we crossed the bridge and looked into the rearview mirror is when we realized what a picturesque location we were.

I would never have expected to have captured such images without some magic in Photoshop.

These are some of the shots we captured on the bridge.



Safety Gear:
Helmet: MT Helmets – Blade Trace
Jacket: Kross Armoured Riding Jacket
Knee Guards: BIONIX-Knee Protector Outerwear

 Stop 3: Kelwa Beach

“It’s the not the Destination, It’s the journey.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote best explains this trip. To be honest, we did not have many expectations from the destination; it’s a beach after all!

However, we got our shots and got of the place for some coffee and breakfast from a close-by roadside shack.


What I Wore:
T-Shirt: Sea Turtle by
Jeans: Bare Denims by Pantaloons
Shoes: SolePlay by Westside

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